Saturday, November 17, 2012

Orlando, FL

We had a wonderful vacation to Orlando the beginning of November.  It was the perfect time to go!  Crowds were thin and the weather was wonderful.  We planned the trip to visit our friends, the Deineses, who live there.  Orlando is just such a fun place that we had 5 great days there!
Both kids did really well on the plane.  Livy entertained herself almost the whole time and
Andrew was pretty chill-he slept a while and then just looked around and chewed on his toys.
Here is Liv playing on the plane with Rosie in her lap, of course.
 We spent our first night in Orlando at the Deineses'.  We had fun eating some yummy BBQ and watching LOST with Jake and Bethany.  Andrew and Corbett reunited and took a nice bath together.    
 The next day, since Jake had the day off, we went out to the Kennedy Space Center.
 It was so cool to see all of these space shuttles and things in real life up close.  We did a rocket launch simulation, watched a video about the space race, learned all about Apollo 8, and saw the Atlantis shuttle (which just arrived and was only showing for one week before they close it down to build an exhibit for next summer!), 
The next day we went to Gatorland!
 Jake and Bethany have some sweet hookups and got us VIP passes!  It turned out to be a really fun day.  We saw tons of gators...
took a train ride to learn more about Gatorland... 
 let Andrew meet his first Python...
 looked pretty slick strolling around looking at gators...
 and even got to walk up and feed the gators!
 I would totally recommend Gatorland to anyone visiting Orlando.  Maybe its not quite as glamorous as all of 
the theme parks, but it is definitely an entertaining way to spend a few hours!

We had dinner at the Deineses that night.  The kids played and we visited and played games! 
 The next day, we prepped for Magic Kindgom.  We visited Downtown Disney.  Who knew there were so many things to do without even going into the parks???  We ate lunch there and shopped.  Livy was thrilled to see so many familiar faces...
 Livy picked out shirts for her and Andrew to wear to the Magic Kingdom the next day.
 We had such a blast at Disneyworld!  Livy's first and favorite ride was the carousel.  She kept telling me she wanted to "ride the horsies," so we came back for two more rounds with the horsies.
 She LOVED seeing the castle.  It was so fun to see her take it all in.  Everyday still, she tells me about Cinderella's castle or Belle's castle.  Sometimes it's even Livy's castle.
 We met Mickey...
 And Sleeping Beauty (who Liv doesn't really know, so she calls her "Sleeping Beauty and the Beast")...
 And Rapunzel (Livy's favorite right now)!! 
 Livy got to touch her hair and was in love!  She came to me the other night and told me she wants hair like Rapunzel's.  Yikes!  Maybe by the time she's 18!!
 We rode tons of rides including Buzz Lightyear.  It made me laugh because Jake, Spencer and Livy were in one spaceship and Andrew and I were in the next one.  My little Drewbie is a sharp-shooter.  We got the highest score out of our group!
 We also did the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor.  It was a funny little show they do with audience participation.  A nice way to sit and cool off for a few minutes.  
We had such a wonderful trip.  Thanks so much, Deineses for welcoming us!