Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cute Kids

I have the happiest baby in the world.  Seriously, I've never met a happier baby.  He is the perfect little brother to his sister (thank goodness).  He is so easy going and makes my life that much easier.  He loves to eat and will put ANYTHING in his mouth.  We've had a few minor choking incidents, but all is well.  He is so close to crawling-seriously it will be any day now!  He loves to clap (especially when the Gilmore Girls theme song comes on).  He is interested in anything Olivia has and loves to be standing up.  He would spend all day on his feet if he could.  He's a great sleeper going from 8-8 and naps twice a day.  I love this little guy!  He is such a doll.
Livy is so much fun.  Her imagination is running wild right now.  Everyday we are assigned some character from one of her movies.  Like today, Andrew was Pascal (from Tangled), she was Nala (from Lion King), and I was Gus Gus (from Cinderella).  I love that we can spend the whole day at home playing with toys (which we are doing a lot these days in the 14 degree weather) and she is never bored.  Playing with her is always entertaining and I love seeing her little mind learn new things.  She talks her head off and thinks she is the boss.  She is completely potty trained as of the beginning of January (hallelujah)!  She had her first painting experience the other day and loved it!
 These two-couldn't love them more! 
 Such a happy little bub!


Susan said...

Jess, you're right, you have two fun and adorble kiddies. Wish we lived closer to each other. I'd love Stoklee to be able to play with Andoo and of course Livy.

Lisa Louise said...

man those two are so stinkin cute!! :)