Sunday, March 3, 2013

Picture Update

My little artists
 Snow Day!
 (she insisted on wearing her little bear backpack)
 She enjoyed putting on my makeup one beautiful!
 He fell asleep sitting up and buried his face into his bumper.
 Licking the beater after making cookies
 Daddy Playground!
 Making chocolate strawberries for Valentine's.
 Jeron came all the way from China to visit!  We had a really fun night catching up and playing games.  Lisa brought some pie from Marie Callendar's.  Livy was the first to get a piece because she was so excited to eat some.  She took one bite and was like, "I don't want any more."  We kept insisting she eat it saying, "It's yummy!  It's pie!"  We force fed her another bite and she spit it back out.  So finally someone else tries the pie and it tastes all garlic-y and parmesan-y!  It was pretty vile.  We all felt so bad for making Livy eat it thinking it was delicous.  It was pretty funny.


Lisa Louise said...

i still feel sooo bad that we mad Livy eat that pie!! poor girl! Cute pictures!! :)

Coco said...

Cute, cute, and more cute!