Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Of Late

I thought about going back and doing a million posts to catch up on blogging, but then I thought that sounded extremely overwhelming, so I decided against it.  Recap on the last few months:

  • We decided to put an addition onto our house.  They dug the hole in our backyard the Friday before Easter.
  • We had a fun Easter complete with egg dying and hunting.
  • Andrew turned one on April 13th.  We partied hard.
  • We moved down to the basement while construction happened.
  • We lived in a dusty, jumbled mess for 3 months.
  • Spence and I ran the Salt Lake Half Marathon.  
  • We had a "whirlwind weekend" and decided last minute to go down to Capitol Reef.  It was a good getaway from the construction dust.  It was a spontaneous, fun weekend.  Spencer and I decided we should do that more often-just leave on a whim.  Hence "whirlwind weekend" was dubbed to name our future spontaneous trips.
  • Olivia turned three on May 20th.  We partied hard.
  • Construction was completed the first week in June
  • We moved into our new master bedroom and have LOVED having the extra space in the house.
  • Both kids had a round of strep throat.
  • Spencer ran the Bear Lake Half Marathon and the Ragnar Relay again this year.
  • We celebrated 6 years of marriage on June 14th.  
I think that pretty much brings us up to date!

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Lisa Western said...

very concise! Also that list makes me tired, you guys have been so busy!