Monday, July 22, 2013

This Week in Recipes...

I admit it.  The majority of the recipes I make come from the internets. Pinterest is my main cookbook.  Definitely different from the generations before us where you had to call your friends and family to get recipes or look them up in a cookbook.  It is so nice to have thousands of recipes at my fingertips. 

Since everyone is always looking for new recipes (at least I am, anyway), I thought I would start sharing the ones that I have actually made and that my family approves of. 

This week's selections are...

These were easy to make and delicious to eat. 
Give me anything with tortillas and salsa and I'm in.

Is anyone else looking for things to make to use up that ginormous bag of quinoa from Costco?
Well here is a good one.  I actually really enjoyed these.  Not bad to make and pretty tasty with some marinara dipping sauce.


Lisa Western said...

ok totally going to try the pizza bites, they look and sound delicious! thanks lady!

Kristine and Ryan said...

Thanks Jess! They both look freakin good.