Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Daughter's Hair Story

My daughter's hair.  My daughter's hair!  
Where to begin? 

 She was born bald and stayed that way for about 8 months...

Went dandelion for a while...

 Then she finally grew a thin crop of blonde hair...barely enough to hold a barrette.

   I haven't cut it except for a couple of trims.  

Slowly, it got longer and longer.

Finally-FINALLY this summer it has been long enough to actually do something with!  It has been so much fun to be a little more creative than a quick half-up or barrette. 
 This was probably the best hair-do to date...
 A french braid on both sides meeting in a pony in the back.  Ah-so pretty!

 And then IT happened.  

She cut it.  A big slanted chop right out of the front.  

Tears and devastation followed.  

Well, not really...but it was terrifying to hear the words, 
"Mama, I cut it! It's so pretty!" coming from the bathroom.

I did the best I could to even it out.  The result was a short bob with short bangs. 
 She was thrilled with it so I was happy.

It is a good thing she's so cute-she can pull of any hairdo.  


Angela said...

Haha! I think every kid goes through the cutting their own hair dealio....I know I did! I've always loved Livy's hair! So thick!

Kristine and Ryan said...

You did awesome handling the situation with your mad hair cutting skills. She looks adorable.